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Edwardsville High School Interact Club

Students at Edwardsville High School have an option to join Interact, a Rotary sponsored volunteer club. Members of Interact, with help from school sponsor and English teacher Nicole Pontious and the approval of the school, decide upon activities and fundraisers in local and global communities that they believe deserve attention and assistance. Each year (and even each club meeting, according to Jane Lavelle!) the club grows larger and larger!┬áTheir club mission builds on the thought that good can be done at any age. According to the club mission, “the Edwardsville High School Interact Club is a youth organization of the Edwardsville Rotary Club. The club promotes the “Service Above Self” motto through fundraising efforts and community involvement throughout the school year. Open to all students, the club encourages high school students to strive to make their school, community, and world a better place.

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The 2014 Executive Board:

President – Taylor Robinson
Vice President – Rebecca Laurent
Secretary – Samantha Doak
Membership Coordinator – Zack Marrisey
Treasurer – Brian Veitch
Historian & Public Relations – Jane Lavelle
Community & International Outreach Coordinators – Kiersten Abernathy & Chase Madison

is excited for all the good work they have planned. They have created goals that will certainly keep them busy for the year! One major project they currently have underway is cell phones for soldiers. They are collecting used cell phones to be recycled and sold for parts. The money will then be used to buy calling cards for soldiers stationed overseas. Collection baskets are placed around the high school for students, teachers, and the public’s phones to be donated! Another project is A Bench for Caps, where bottle caps are recycled into benches. Interact is teaming up with SIUE’s Rotaract to try to get two benches made, so they will need to collect 800 POUNDS of caps! The benches (like the one pictured below at the park) will be placed at EHS and at SIUE. Collection ┬ábaskets for caps are also at EHS, this time in the Media Center. The entire school is also participating in projects to benefit Anderson Hospital. Interact is taking part by selling popcorn from Chef Shoppe and donating the profits! Many volunteer opportunities arise as the year goes on, including face painting and running game booths at the Saint Mary’s Fall Fest.

Jane Lavelle understands the importance of volunteering and giving back to her community. “Being a part of Interact is something that has made me a more courteous and conscious member of society. Through many service opportunities, my eyes have been opened to see the world in a different way, and because of this, I have developed a better understanding of the people around me. Whenever I help the community, I know that I am not just helping a couple people but hopefully inspiring many people to continue to give back.”

Look forward to information about meetings, an Interact website, and more!

Bench Plaque 2014

Recent Interact projects include the donation of a bench made with 100% recycled materials (all collected by Interact and Rotaract!).